What to Do When You Finish Reading Quran: A Comprehensive Guide

Starting to read the Quran from cover to cover is an epic spiritual endeavor that requires dedication, reflection, and growth. At its completion, it’s important to acknowledge its significance – not simply as a task accomplished but as evidence of your desire to seek divine guidance and wisdom through reading its words. We will explore meaningful ways in this guide that you can celebrate this milestone while deepening your connection to it.

Celebrate your accomplishment of completing the Quran:

Completing the Quran is a significant milestone, reflecting your commitment and reverence for the sacred text. It’s a time to express gratitude for the guidance received and to reflect on the journey undertaken. Embrace this milestone with joy and appreciation, recognizing the spiritual growth it signifies in your life’s journey.

Honoring Your Completion:

Express Gratitude: Recite prayers of thanks, such as reading verses from the Quran itself. 

Share With Loved Ones: Tell family and friends about your accomplishment, creating an atmosphere of community while increasing knowledge about Quranic content. 

Host A Gathering: Consider hosting a traditional reading milestone celebration event, sharing insights and learnings with those present.

Maintain Consistency:

Consistency is key to strengthening your bond with the Quran. Set aside dedicated time each day to read and reflect on its verses, even if it’s just a few moments. Consistent exposure helps solidify your connection and enhances your recitation skills over time.

Deepen Your Understanding:

 To deepen your comprehension of the Quran, look into resources like that offers multiple courses including Quran Reading Course where you can improve your recitation . Attend lectures from knowledgeable scholars or join study circles where discussions may yield new insight into its many meanings.

Apply the Teachings:

The Quran is more than a book to be read – it should serve as an all-encompassing source of guidance in life. Identify its teachings and incorporate them into daily living – whether through acts of kindness, honesty, or patience; allow its wisdom to shape your actions and decisions.

Share Knowledge:

Sharing what you have gained from studying the Quran is a noble endeavor. Engage in conversations about its teachings, organize study circles to delve into its verses jointly, or just set an exemplary example through your behavior – by doing so, you inspire others to seek guidance in Islam through this holy text.

Memorize Select Surahs 

Consider memorizing verses or short chapters (Surahs) that speak to you personally, as this practice facilitates deeper contemplation and strengthens your connection with the text. Choose verses that hold personal meaning for regular recitation in memory.

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Recite for Others 

 Reciting verses of the Quran can be an immensely fulfilling experience, whether within your family, community, or social circles. Reciting can promote religious literacy and foster an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere within groups – inspiring others to discover its beauty themselves! Your recitation could encourage them!

Reflect on Your Journey:

Review your reading journey and take stock of all you’ve learned. Note areas of growth and obstacles overcome, and set goals for future readings – reflection will deepen your relationship with the Quran while strengthening your resolve to keep learning and growing spiritually.

Dua after Completion of Quran:

Dua when finishig the Quran
Dua when finishig the Quran

Pronunciation: Allahumma aa-nis wah-sha-ti fi-qabri. Allahummar hamni bil-qur’an-nil atheem waj-‘al-hu li i-ma-maw-wa nu-raw-wa hu-daw-wa rahmah. Allahumma dhak-kir-ni min-hu ma na-si-tu wa ‘al-lim-ni min-hu ma ja-hil-tu, war zuq-ni ti-la-wa-ta-huuu aa-naaa-al-lai-li wa-aa-naa an-na-haa-ri, waj’al-hu li huj-ja-tayn-ya rabbal-‘alameen.

Meaning: Oh Lord of the universe, please transform my grave’s restlessness into peace. Make Your Mercy available to me via the Noble Qur’an as my guide and source of light, guidance, and grace. Renew what was lost from its pages due to forgetfulness or ignorance, enable me to read it daily throughout day and night and act as my primary argumentative support in all matters about its understanding, make me memorize all or parts thereof again from memory and use its verses as an aid against my enemies – for this is Lord of all worlds!


Completing the Quran is a fantastic achievement, but it is only the beginning. By celebrating your achievement and actively engaging with its legacy through learning, application, and sharing activities, you can continually deepen your faith, strengthen your connection to divine forces, and contribute to building vibrant and knowledgeable communities.


What to read after completing the Quran?

After completing the Quran, you can continue your spiritual journey by revisiting specific chapters or verses that resonate with you. Additionally, exploring supplementary texts like Hadith collections, Tafsir (Quranic exegesis), or books on Islamic jurisprudence can deepen your understanding of Islamic teachings.

How do you finish reading the Quran?

Finishing the Quran entails reading from the beginning to the end, covering all 114 chapters (Surahs). Many individuals aim to complete the Quran over a set period, such as during the holy month of Ramadan, by dividing the reading into daily portions. Upon completing the final verses, it’s customary to express gratitude to Allah (SWT) and seek His blessings.

How do you celebrate the finishing of the Quran?

Celebrating the completion of the Quran is a personal and joyous occasion. Common practices include offering prayers of gratitude, sharing the accomplishment with loved ones, hosting gatherings to commemorate the milestone, and engaging in acts of charity or kindness to mark the spiritual achievement. It’s also a time for reflection, gratitude, and renewed commitment to living by the Quran’s teachings

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